This is your first programming and creative design task. Your challenge is to create a 4 - 8 legged robot that can walk in a straight line for 50 cm, then turn 180 degrees and return.

For top marks build a remote control and upload a basic program for your robot.

  • Satisfactory: You built a walking robot
  • Good: Your walking robot will go forwards in a straight line
  • Very Good: Your walking robot can be made to turn by reversing the wires
  • Excellent: Your walking robot can be made to turn by using a remote control with touch sensors.


this robot can only walk in a straight line. What changes would you have to make to get it to turn around?

this design has only one motor... how many will you need if you want it to turn?

4 legged quad slider


Making a remote control and programming your walkabout

  • Copy the following program into ROBOLAB at INVENTOR level.
  • robolabtouchsensor2.gif
    This ROBOLAB program runs Motor A forward when the touch sensor is pressed, and runs Motor A in reverse if the touch sensor is released.
  • Using the infrared communication tower upload your program. (You may need to reload the firmware first).
  • robolabtower.jpg
  • Experiment with increasing complexity
    • this program will just control one motor (turn in one direction only)
    • try changing it to control two motors (turn left or right)

  • Your remote control has only one (or two for advanced programmers) essential component(s)...
    • touch sensors
    • touchsensor.jpg

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