Ocean Robots -

The Argo Floats

A decade ago Australia launched the first ten Argo Floats into the Indian Ocean. Now Argo is a major international collaborative project to look at the world's oceans and help understand processes at depth - monitoring the pulse of the global heat balance and giving us vital information on the ocean's role in climate. Today there are over 3000 Argo Floats deployed around the world.


Argos Australia

  • TASK:
    • Make a poster / presentation about the Argos Project. In your poster / presentation you need to complete the following tasks (questions)...
    1. Copy the diagram of the Argos robot.
    2. Explain the features that make it a true robot.
    3. How does it work?



ABC Catalyst 26/02/09
  • Answer the following after reading the transcript / watching the catalyst video / researching the topic
    1. Why was the Argos project began?
    2. What data does the Argos robot collect?
    3. Why are scientists interested in this data?
    4. Why are so many Argos robots being deployed around the world?
    5. What has the data told us so far about global warming?

  • Include graphics and links in your answers

Sea robots aid climate research
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View live data from floats in google earth

What is climate? external image pdf.png ClimateYrs_7-10_October_06.pdf
Why does climate cause sea levels to rise? external image pdf.png OceansRisingYr8-12Oct06.pdf

ABC Catalyst Episode 03
Diseased Bats, Ancient DNA, Argo Floats

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